What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a medical treatment that mobilizes and optimizes the body’s self-healing responses. This is done by inserting extremely thin needles into specific locations on the body to naturally clear blockages to our health.


Acupuncture aims to correct the flow of the body's Qi, which is the "vital force" of all the energy contained in every cell of your body. When Qi is blocked or acting suboptimally, we experience aches, pains, new ailments popping up while old, chronic disorders get worse.


By regularly treating the body's Qi through acupuncture, the body has fewer barriers to its own health and is better able to stand strong and resilient in the face of the inevitable stress of life and even autocorrect maladies that pop up on its own. Acupuncture affirms and trains the body to be adaptable and healthy.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Five Element Acupuncture treats the roots of illness by mobilizing the brain. Each individual acupuncture point has been shown to activate different regions of the brain. By stimulating only a few, highly specific points you can experience an individualized self-healing formula that gives your body and mind what you need to make the permanent, lasting changes you need.


Over repeated sessions, these changes become the new normal as they become habitual while negative and self-defeating patterns fade into the past. Because acupuncture is using one’s own brain and body to heal the changes made are your own making them more permanent, real, and lasting.

What is Five Element Acupuncture?

Five Element Acupuncture is different than other forms of Chinese Medicine in the way that I focus on both the emotional root causes of disorders and the physical manifestations of our emotions. I treat how the mind and body respond to the stress they face instead only seeing the patient as a list of symptoms. 


I help your organs hardest hit by stress that are taking up all your body's resources while depriving the rest of the body. When these organs are strong, they can support the rest of your entire body so that when life presents challenges you meet them with strength and resiliency and grow from them.


Lingering illnesses are rooted in inflammation caused by stress. Five Element Acupuncture soothes the inflamed body and mind to allow deep healing to take place. This makes it a part a responsible Stress Management Regimen to prevent the debilitating results of chronic stress and inflammation.

What Can Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture helps relieve pain, anxiety, the physical symptoms of stress, and can stimulate the body in correcting its own chronic imbalances. ​It is such an adaptive treatment that balances disorders in the entire body that the conditions it has demonstrated effectiveness in treating are too many to list here.


I encourage anyone curious about how acupuncture can help their specific condition by visiting the database of peer-reviewed medical journals and searching for acupuncture trials for that condition.

I tell patients that I can help out with anything that isn’t immediately putting them in the emergency room, but I can especially help to relieve the pain for an effective recovery after the ER visit.


Acupuncture is for people who don’t want to forever cover up symptoms with pills and painkillers but want to resolve their conditions naturally.

What Are Your Rates Per Treatment?

$70 per treatment session.

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