Andrew Strand is a licensed acupuncturist trained in the Taoist tradition of Classical Chinese Medicine. Also known as Five Element Acupuncture, this ancient healing art treats each individual uniquely and addresses the root cause of chronic disorders.


Andrew became interested in helping others in healing themselves when he had to solve his own health crises when Western medicine failed to help. After years of searching for answers, Andrew encountered Five Element Acupuncture and was astounded at its effectiveness when nothing else worked.


Andrew is inspired to help people overcome the psycho-emotional roots of their illnesses and pain so patients can take back control over their health and transform themselves into who they were meant to be.


Five Element Acupuncture is a therapy that can give a patient mental clarity and emotional balance as physical pain is alleviated. This form of ancient Taoist acupuncture takes into consideration the psychological effects each point carries. Andrew is particularly interested in helping patients resolve the emotional roots of their chronic pain.

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